The idea behind "I Need a Home" is to raise awareness of dogs & cats in both South Yorkshire's council stray kennels and smaller / independent rescue centres that are often overlooked in favour of animals from breeders and other sources. All the kennels and rescues featured provide a vital service helping and rehoming those in need, without their help many of them wont get a second chance and in the case of animals in stray kennels may be put to sleep simply to free up space for the next poor animal to potentially suffer the same fate.

Please take a few moments to look at the cats and dogs available, they just need some love and a few creature comforts, in exchange they can offer you a lifetime of devotion.

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Buster 12/02/017

A bit out of our area but posting this on the off chance that someone can help...

Hi there,

I am a veterinary nurse working in London and was alerted to a 15 month old dog that had been booked in for euthinasia 2 weeks ago. He is currently still on death row as all London rescues are full.  'Buster' is a 25 kg + staffie cross (photo and video attached) entire male, who has been living in a third floor flat with two children 10 and 12 years old. He has not been to training classes and was simply not thriving in his environment.  Due to his frustrations he has caused mild injury to one of the children and the owner (scratch and a bite-neither needed hospital treatment), I think 'Buster' will thrive given the right opportunity.  When I met him he showed no concerning behaviour, but he is s strong lad!  Has some ear problems, think due to allergies, however they have improved already. They just needed a good clean and some decent food/time.  He is great with other dogs, enjoys being out and about and is food orientated which is always helpful for positive enforcement.  I have some history of his likes and dislikes from the owner as well. She has signed him over. He is currently at a holding kennel, which I am paying for myself as I saw no other option as all very last minute. However they now need the space and want him out in 24 hours.

WEBSITE UPDATE (15/12/2016)

Many thanks to everyone who donated via JustGiving, we reached the target much quicker than expected :-) The software has been purchased and we've been busy working on the new site, there's still a way to go before its ready but we've already added two new features...

  • Contact form on each dogs page - On every dogs profile page there will be a contact form that sends any enquires directly to the rescue or pound
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The website has been up and running for a good few years now and we'd like to rebuild it so that new features can be added, make it easier to use and generally bring things up to date.  We've looked at our options and chosen the software needed, its just a case of paying for it....

We need £140 to purchase the software which on the grandscale of things may not seem much but the website carries no advertising and is free to use which means other than the husband and wife team who created the site cracking open their personal (and rather empty) piggy banks our only real option is to do some fund raising.

We've setup a Just Giving page, please visit it for more info and if possible please consider making a donation, even just sharing the link would be a great help :-)


We're having a few issues with the contact us form - it seems that messages are not always getting through to us and we're being drowned in spam at the same time....  We're working through the the backlog / junk and will post an update asap

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11469 Friendly adult Staffy cross female

11469 Friendly adult Staffy cross female

This lovely, slightly calmer Staffy cross female has been very sweet whilst been in kennels. She has shown no issues towards other dogs whilst been in kennels however she was found with suspected bite wound on the back of her neck so therefore she may be scared of some dogs and careful introductions should be done. She tries to stay clean in...Read more


11465 Beautiful Greyhound female "Beauty"

11465 Beautiful Greyhound female "Beauty"

Beauty is a lovely Greyhound female, 4years old, blue and white in colour. She has been really friendly in kennels. Beauty has shown no issues towards other dogs in kennels. She appears to be an ex racer so a home with no small furries will be advised. She tries to stay clean in her indoor kennel. Read more


11468 Friendly Adult small Staffy "Lola"

11468 Friendly Adult small Staffy "Lola"

Lola is a very giddy and friendly Staffy female who is white in colour with black/brown markings. She is small in size, approx 5yrs old. The kennels have been told that Lola is good with children and is housetrained. She loves to play with toys and she has been playful with other dogs she has met. She has been no trouble in kennels but will...Read more


11467 Young Lurcher needs loving home "Honey"

11467 Young Lurcher needs loving home "Honey"

Honey is a very friendly, energetic young Lurcher (bedlington/whippet type?) female, who is just over 1 year old. She was handed over to the pound due to having bad separation anxiety and her owner working full time. Honey is in desperate need of a home where she will not be left alone, she finds it extremely stressful and becomes bored and...Read more



BENNY - VERY LOVING YOUNG NEGLECTED LABRADOR CROSS BREEDBENNY VERY LOVING, NERVOUS LABRADOR CROSS BREED Benny came into our care from the stray kennels very very underweight. Initially Benny was very nervous and shy and would shake when you approached him. Always hiding in the back of his kennels he has soon learned that coming to the front of the kennel meant he got treats. Benny is 3 years old and...Read more


OLIVE - VERY GORGROUS SMALL WHITE STAFFYHere is Olive also known as Snorky due to the piggy noises she makes. She is our little butter bean of a Staffy girl. Very bias for the Staffy breed we may be but she is adorable. Olive is one very sweet and loving Staffy and sadly has had many puppies in the past. This little lady will be spayed and all her motherhood days will be well and...Read more


SPECIAL APPEAL FOR BRUCE - SHEPHERD CROSS BREEDSPECIAL APPEAL FOR BRUCE - VERY FRIENDLY CROSS BREED Bruce is a stunning, handsome and friendly cross breed dog. Sadly he has come into our care due to urgent circumstances. Although a little bewildered in kennels he is settling well and loving his walks and exercise. He loves a fuss and enjoys play times in the run. We know that Bruce has...Read more


PRINNY - FROSTY CHOPS HAPPY LADYPRINCESS (PRINNY) - Very affectionate Staffy lady (Came into care with Poppy) This beautiful Staffy came into our care with a very sad story to tell along with her buddy Poppy. Both Princess and Poppy have previously lived with children. Princess is very loving, adores her walks and is at the moment learning not to pull on her harness. She...Read more


BESSIE - AFFECTIONATE YOUNG STAFFY CROSSSPECIAL APPEAL FOR BESSIE - FRIENDLY AND LOVING STAFFY CROSS MASTIFF GIRL Bessie has come into our care from the stray kennels and is one very loving Staffy cross Mastiff. She is a stunning looking young lady with some very large quirky ears and a very affectionate temperament. At 18 months old she is full of life and love for all and greets...Read more


BARKLEY HEARTBROKEN BULLDOG Barkley has a broken heart. In rescue kennels due to his family emigrating, then passing him on to others that didn't keep him. He went to foster but resident dog wouldn't accept him. This gentle giant is desperate to be loved He is a dog who loves his humans but can live with another laid back dog. No young children and not tested with cats as...Read more


MUTSI HANDSOME AND  FRIENDLY YOUNG GDS CROSSBREED Mutsi - FRIENDLY GERMAN SHEPHERD CROSSED NEEDS A FOREVER HOME Hi my name is Mutsi and I am one Friendly new boy on the block and still at baby at just 11 months old. I am a handsome German Shepherd crossbreed boy that loves and needs to be in a home. Sadly I have come into care of Radar with another male crossbreed and I am feeling a bit...Read more


BAILEY Hello everyone my name is Bailey and I am a handsome German Shepherd crossbreed of 11 months old. I have come into.the care of Radar with another male crossbreed . I am nervous and bewildered at the moment which is understandable after finding myself homeless as such a young age. I need a steady, quiet home where I will be loved and have time to...Read more

Loki Stunning Akita boy

Loki Stunning Akita boy Meet stunning Akita boy Loki! Loki has spent a few years in kennels. This adorable and loving Akita has been constantly over looked. We now have everything crossed for loki to find his very own happy ever after with someone who can cherish him and make up for lost time. If any dog deserves a home then it has to be loki. Loki is a stunning...Read more


NALA - ONE YEAR OLD BOXER CROSS/STAFFY -NALA - BEAUTIFUL BOXER CROSS NEEDS AN ACTIVE HOME NOW IN FOSTER. NARLA DOES NOT DO WELL IN KENNELS AND IS VERY STRESSED. SHE IS NOW IN TEMPORARY FOSTER CARE - CAN YOU HELP? Due to a change in circumstances Nala is looking for a new home and due to her being so stressed to the point of hurting herself In kennels we are looking to find a...Read more

Queenie loving American bulldog

Queenie loving American bulldog Hi everyone out there my name is Queenie and I am looking for a large breed experienced home as I am an American Bull Dog Lady. I am a friendly girl of approx 4 years old and I have recently arrived into the care of Radar. I am fussy and very loving I am looking for a home with someone who is used to owning large dogs like me and has the time...Read more


ELMO FRIENDLY YOUNG ROTTIE X BOYHi my name is Elmo. I am a large young very friendly Rottie cross of approx 14 months old. I know how to sit and give alternate paws and am willing to learn and an affectionate boy and happy despite being homeless. I have come into the care of Radar a as a stray and I am looking for a new home. I have got along fine with the other dogs in...Read more


CHARLIE YOUNG  HANDSOME STAFFY BOY Hello everyone i'm Charlie and i am now looking for a new home. I am a young boy of approx 1 year old, super friendly and love people as Staffies do. I adore tummy tickles and lots of fussing that makes my big staffie smile appear. I will be looking for a new home that understand my breed and can offer me plenty of exercise and attention. I am...Read more


THEO CHUNKY STAFFY CROSS CHAPWould you love to meet a chunky handsome chap called Theo? Well look no further here I am! I have come into the care of Radar and i am looking for a new start. I am a gorgeous brindle staffy x of approx 3-4 years who loves a good belly rub! Sadly us brindle's are overlooked in kennels Radar cannot understand why and tell me brindle's are best! I...Read more


ASTON ADORABLE AMERICAN BULLDOG Meet Aston, An adorable American bulldog of approx 5yrs. Aston found himself homeless over Christmas and new year and was so bewildered and scared. This handsome chap soon realized there was people that cared and began to trust. Aston is a very large american bulldog but came into our care on the thin side, he also had sores on his back legs...Read more


**SPECIAL APPEAL**FRANKY - HANDSOME GREYHOUND CROSS***SPECIAL APPEAL*** ***FOSTER CONSIDERED*** FRANKY - FRIENDLY GREYHOUND CROSS NEEDS EXPERIENCED SAVVY HOME Franky is a very tall dark and handsome and gorgeous Greyhound cross that came into care over 9 months ago, he is always overlooked and we cannot think why? Franky is a loyal obedient dog. He is a very friendly dog and needs an active...Read more

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