The idea behind "I Need a Home" is to raise awareness of dogs & cats in both South Yorkshire's council stray kennels and smaller / independent rescue centres that are often overlooked in favour of animals from breeders and other sources. All the kennels and rescues featured provide a vital service helping and rehoming those in need, without their help many of them wont get a second chance and in the case of animals in stray kennels may be put to sleep simply to free up space for the next poor animal to potentially suffer the same fate.

Please take a few moments to look at the cats and dogs available, they just need some love and a few creature comforts, in exchange they can offer you a lifetime of devotion.

We are always looking out for more rescue centres and kennels to add to the site - if you know of anyone that would like their animals listed please get in touch.

07/11/17 Volunteering

We received this email the other day..

I work for xxxx in Sheffield and as a part of our job we are given volunteer/charity days. I was wondering whether you would like any help with anything for a day. Me and my family have 5 dogs ourselves so I am no stranger to caring for them and would love the opportunity to help out wherever i can.

If anyone would like to take them up on their very kind offer please get in touch and we'll forward the message on :-)


WEBSITE UPDATE (15/12/2016)

Many thanks to everyone who donated via JustGiving, we reached the target much quicker than expected :-) The software has been purchased and we've been busy working on the new site, there's still a way to go before its ready but we've already added two new features...

  • Contact form on each dogs page - On every dogs profile page there will be a contact form that sends any enquires directly to the rescue or pound
  • Rescue profiles - Each rescue centre can have an "about us" page giving visitors some basic contact and location info, an overview of their adoption process / fees and a link to all their dogs currently available for adoption.


The website has been up and running for a good few years now and we'd like to rebuild it so that new features can be added, make it easier to use and generally bring things up to date.  We've looked at our options and chosen the software needed, its just a case of paying for it....

We need £140 to purchase the software which on the grandscale of things may not seem much but the website carries no advertising and is free to use which means other than the husband and wife team who created the site cracking open their personal (and rather empty) piggy banks our only real option is to do some fund raising.

We've setup a Just Giving page, please visit it for more info and if possible please consider making a donation, even just sharing the link would be a great help :-)


We're having a few issues with the contact us form - it seems that messages are not always getting through to us and we're being drowned in spam at the same time....  We're working through the the backlog / junk and will post an update asap

Featured Animals

The animals below are just a small highlight of the many listed here, you view and search them all using the options at the top left - to specify "any" as a search criteria just leave that option blank / as it is.

Fund Raising For Rain Rescue

We work closely with Rain Rescue and they provided us with a lot of help in getting the site up and running - please help us to return the favour and consider making a regular donation for any amount possible, it really does make a huge difference to them.

Set up a direct debit JustGiving

If your unable to do this please take a look at other ways to donate on their website.



HOPEHope is a medium sized, older girl,of about 9 years of age. She is a little nervous of walking on the lead at the moment but is really very friendly so we don't think she'll be long before she's walking out with our volunteers. Hope has had mammary tumours removed earlier in the year and has a couple of little lumps which we are going to...Read more


SPECIAL APPEAL FOR LUCY - SMALL & PRETTY STAFFY CROSSMEET LUCY. Lucy is a very affectionate small Staffy cross breed that loves cuddles attention and company. Lucy has previously lived with children aged 7 year and 8 years and adored them. She is sweet and playful and 3 years old. She is very affectionate, loves tummy tickles and adores humans. She enjoys her walks and being the centre of...Read more


BESS - MEET OUR GORGEOUS SAD GIRLMEET BESS - BESS IS A GORGEOUS STAFFY GIRL WHO CAME INTO CARE VERY SAD AND BEWILDERED. Bess has recently come into our care as an unwanted lady. Having spent 6 years of her life from a puppy with her owner she is no longer loved by them. It would appear she has had many puppies in the past and she is now very sad in kennels. Although having...Read more


SKY - ADORABLE SENIOR LADYSKY - ADORABLE 11 YEARS OLD POCKET STAFFY (SPECIAL RETIREMENT HOME NEEDED) Here is another one of Good Life's "Oldies but Goldies" as we like to say. This little teeny weeny pocket lady is adorable. She loves people and has been good with other dogs. She is very down in the dumps in kennels and has to be carried back into her confinement after...Read more


RUBY - VERY LOVING & FRIENDLY STAFFY CROSSRUBY - VERY SWEET AND LOVING BRINDLE STAFFY CROSS Ruby has come into our care and is one very living and friendly girl. She has previously lived with Sammy and is also very dog friendly. On her arrival she was so eager to say hi to everyone human and hound. Sadly Ruby has waited for many months in stray kennels with no exercise. She has settled...Read more


BRUCE - LOVING, OBEDIENT, PLAYFUL & LOYALSPECIAL APPEAL FOR BRUCE - VERY FRIENDLY CROSS BREED LONG STANDING MEMBER OF THE LONELY HEARTS CLUB Here at Good Life we are a firm believer that there is someone for everyone in this world. Bruce is still waiting for his forever love. This gorgeous loving cross breed has so much to offer his adopter. He is affectionate, loyal and eager to...Read more


BENNIE BEAN - SMALL, LOVING BRINDLE BEAUTYBENNIE - VERY FRIENDLY LITTLE BRINDLE BEAUTY Bennie is a gorgeous little Brindle Staffy. Sadly he has come into our care as his owner could no longer care for him. He loves people and has been a little gem at the kennels. He loves to climb on your knee for a fuss and a cuddle. He adores his treats and having lots of fuss time, yet he is a...Read more


SAMMY - ADORABLE STAFFY CROSS BREEDMEET THE BEAUTIFUL SAMMY. ANOTHER ADORABLE STAFFY CROSS This very pretty young Staffy cross is Sammy. Another young lady that has come into our care as always from the stray kennels. She loves nothing better than being the centre of attention and receiving lots of cuddles. She has sadly waited at the stray kennels for a few months and is very...Read more


PRINCE - 2 YEAR OLD JUGPRINCE - VERY FRIENDLY LIVELY JUG Prince is a very friendly, loving Jug. For anyone that doesn't know what a Jug is, it is a Pug cross Jack Russell. Or most commonly known as a designer mongrel. Whatever his mix he is a smasher and very handsome. This young fella is full of beans and has previously lived with children. Due to facing eviction if...Read more


DEXTER - SMALL BLACK AND WHITE STAFFY - URGENT APPEALSPECIAL LITTLE BLACK AND WHITE STAFFY - URGENT FOSTER APPEAL Dexter is a small, super loving Black and White Stafford. He has recently come into our care from the Stray Kennels. This lovely little lad has come into stray kennels having recently had an operation on his back leg. He has shaved fur and it is clearly visible he has recently been...Read more


LOLA. SMALL FRIENDLY BLACK AND WHITE STAFFYLOVELY LOLA. Lola is a small Black and White Staffy who as always has come into our care from the stray kennels. She is small and very friendly and loves her walks. She is a little bit cheeky and loves to tell you when it's her turn for a walk. Lola is fussy and friendly and although not a happy Staffy being in kennels we have all crossed for a...Read more


**SPECIAL APPEAL**FRANKY - HANDSOME GREYHOUND CROSS***SPECIAL APPEAL*** ***FOSTER CONSIDERED*** FRANKY - FRIENDLY GREYHOUND CROSS NEEDS EXPERIENCED SAVVY HOME DON'T LET FRANKY SPEND ANOTHER CHRISTMAS IN KENNELS Franky is a very tall dark and handsome and gorgeous Greyhound cross that came into care over 9 months ago, he is always overlooked and we cannot think why? Franky is a loyal...Read more

Queenie loving American Bulldog

Queenie loving American Bulldog Hi everyone out there my name is Queenie and I am looking for a large breed experienced home as I am an American Bull Dog Lady. I am a friendly girl of approx 4 years old and I have recently arrived into the care of Radar. I am fussy and very loving I am looking for a home with someone who is used to owning large dogs like me and has the time to...Read more


TERRIFIC TRIGGER HANDSOME STAFFY CROSS Trigger came into radars care from the stray kennels and is not liking kennel life he is a little timid and hides radar are working with him to build his confidence and he I should now begining to trust. Trigger has lived with another dog and has been walking with other dogs at the kennels, he does seem to prefer the company of ladies on his...Read more


JASPER SMALL LOVING TERRIER XHi Everyone my name is Jasper and I am a small and friendly boy and full of character! I have come into the care of radar after finding myself homeless. I am a small terrier x of approx 6/7 years and don't let my looks fool you I may look old in the face but I am young at heart. I love to play ball and will gladly bring it back for you just...Read more


MIA GENTLE LOVING MASTIFF CROSS Hello people my name is Mia I have come into radars care as a stray and would very much like to find a new home as soon as I can. I am such a good girl who loves people and company. I would love to be snuggled up and warm and cosy on the sofa with you enjoying home comforts. Although I am a large girl I am good on my lead. I love to be walked...Read more

Redd very freindly young crossbreed

Redd very freindly young crossbreed Redd has only just arrived at Radar He is approx 1year old and still very puppy like. We will update his profile as we get to know him more. . Redd is looking for a home and a family that will teach him about all things domestic. He is a clever boy and treat orientated so we are sure that he will learn things quickly. Families should not...Read more


Esme Hello everyone my name is Esme and I am a stunningly gorgeous crossbreed girl of aprox 18 months with the most quirky queen Anne legs. I am very sweet but a little shy and timid at the moment. I am a little wary and needs my confidence building but Radar are working with and are taking me out and socialising and re assuring me. At the...Read more

Sox gorgeous Boxer cross

Sox gorgeous Boxer cross Hello everyone my name is Sox and sadly I am looking for a new home and a new start like so many after finding myself homeless. I am a gorgeous Boxer x Staffy girl of approx 2 years a day I gave a lovely temperament. I love to play and I'm very loving. I looking for a forever home this time. I can life with older children and an active home...Read more


SONNY Hello everyone my name is Sonny and I am an adorable brindle staffy boy with a white bib and I am desperate for you to love me. I just want to be close to you and like to cuddle. I am very friendly and extremely loving and just want to please. I am very sad and a little nervous at the moment but come to life on my walks and have been fine...Read more

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