The idea behind "I Need a Home" is to raise awareness of dogs & cats in both South Yorkshire's council stray kennels and smaller / independent rescue centres that are often overlooked in favour of animals from breeders and other sources. All the kennels and rescues featured provide a vital service helping and rehoming those in need, without their help many of them wont get a second chance and in the case of animals in stray kennels may be put to sleep simply to free up space for the next poor animal to potentially suffer the same fate.

Please take a few moments to look at the cats and dogs available, they just need some love and a few creature comforts, in exchange they can offer you a lifetime of devotion.

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Buster 12/02/017

A bit out of our area but posting this on the off chance that someone can help...

Hi there,

I am a veterinary nurse working in London and was alerted to a 15 month old dog that had been booked in for euthinasia 2 weeks ago. He is currently still on death row as all London rescues are full.  'Buster' is a 25 kg + staffie cross (photo and video attached) entire male, who has been living in a third floor flat with two children 10 and 12 years old. He has not been to training classes and was simply not thriving in his environment.  Due to his frustrations he has caused mild injury to one of the children and the owner (scratch and a bite-neither needed hospital treatment), I think 'Buster' will thrive given the right opportunity.  When I met him he showed no concerning behaviour, but he is s strong lad!  Has some ear problems, think due to allergies, however they have improved already. They just needed a good clean and some decent food/time.  He is great with other dogs, enjoys being out and about and is food orientated which is always helpful for positive enforcement.  I have some history of his likes and dislikes from the owner as well. She has signed him over. He is currently at a holding kennel, which I am paying for myself as I saw no other option as all very last minute. However they now need the space and want him out in 24 hours.

WEBSITE UPDATE (15/12/2016)

Many thanks to everyone who donated via JustGiving, we reached the target much quicker than expected :-) The software has been purchased and we've been busy working on the new site, there's still a way to go before its ready but we've already added two new features...

  • Contact form on each dogs page - On every dogs profile page there will be a contact form that sends any enquires directly to the rescue or pound
  • Rescue profiles - Each rescue centre can have an "about us" page giving visitors some basic contact and location info, an overview of their adoption process / fees and a link to all their dogs currently available for adoption.


The website has been up and running for a good few years now and we'd like to rebuild it so that new features can be added, make it easier to use and generally bring things up to date.  We've looked at our options and chosen the software needed, its just a case of paying for it....

We need £140 to purchase the software which on the grandscale of things may not seem much but the website carries no advertising and is free to use which means other than the husband and wife team who created the site cracking open their personal (and rather empty) piggy banks our only real option is to do some fund raising.

We've setup a Just Giving page, please visit it for more info and if possible please consider making a donation, even just sharing the link would be a great help :-)


We're having a few issues with the contact us form - it seems that messages are not always getting through to us and we're being drowned in spam at the same time....  We're working through the the backlog / junk and will post an update asap

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PRINCESS - GORGEOUS CHARACTER STAFFY - NEVER A SIDEWAYS GLANCEPRINCESS IS AN ADORABLE BRINDLE RESCUE STAFFY OF 9 YEARS. FULLY HEALTH CHECKED AND FIT AND ACTIVE. PRINCESS (PRINNY) - Very affectionate Staffy lady This beautiful Staffy came into our care with a very sad story to tell along with her buddy Poppy. Poppy is now adopted. Princess is very loving, adores her walks and is a real character. She is...Read more


ANGEL - TRI COLOURED STAFFYAngel is a very loving high energy Staffy of Approx 7 years old. She came into care with another female dog. Sadly Angel was due to be put to sleep at a local vet as the owner could no longer care for the dogs. She is friendly and happy despite homeless. She loves her walks and is very friendly and enthusiastic. She has been fine with other dogs...Read more


SPECIAL APPEAL FOR BRUCEY - HANDSOME, LOVING SHEPHERD CROSSI HAVE NEVER HAD ONE CALL OF INTEREST AND I AM A SUPER LOVING AND FRIENDLY BOY! PLEASE SEE BEYONE MY BRINDLE COAT. Here at Good Life we are a firm believer that there is someone for everyone in this world. Bruce is still waiting for his forever love. This gorgeous loving cross breed has so much to offer his adopter. He is affectionate, loyal...Read more


BEAUTIFUL BELLA - SMALL BUTTER BALL WHITE STAFFYMEET BELLA - BELLA IS A SMALL CHUBBY POCKET STAFFY. VERY LOVING AND A REAL CHARACTER Bella has come into Good Life care from the stray kennels with her son Ernie. She is very sweet, cute and small. A butter ball Staffy. Being a typical Staffy she adores people and being the apple of your eye. She loves cuddles, gives kisses and loves to climb...Read more


ERNIE- FRIENDLY PATTERDALEErnie Patterdale is another smashing little lad looking for a new start. He is advertised by Good Life on behalf of another rescue. He came into care as a stray dog and is full of life and smiles for all who cross his path. He is approx 4-5 years old and will need a home that love and know his breed. He adores his walks and is happy to go out...Read more


MASON - URGENT APPEAL - MAKE HIS LIFE BRIGHTER AND SMILE WIDERMASON WILL SUIT A RETIRED PERSON OR COUPLE. URGENT FOSTER AND ADOPTION APPEAL FOR MASON. RETIREMENT HOME NEEDED. Mason is still waiting for a loving retirement home. On our recent trip to the vets with our senior boy we have discovered he has a Grade 3 heart murmur. He doesn't need any medication as yet but may do so in the future. Good Life Dog...Read more


ROLO - VERY SPECIAL APPEALROLO - SPECIAL APPEAL FOR A PRETTY YOUNG LADY Rolo belongs to another kennels and desperately needs to find a loving home. We are happy to help other dogs from other rescues and Rolo is at the same kennels we board our rescue dogs. She is very unhappy in kennels and being such a young girl she doesn't cope very well without a home. She is very...Read more


HOLLY - FAB LITTLE PORTLY STAFFY CROSSHOLLY CHOPS - A VERY LOVING CHARACTER STAFFY CROSS. A REAL CHARACTER. Small and very round with short legs but hey she can move. Holly is comical, very loving and friendly. She has come into care as a stray dog and although she is 9 years young she is fit, active, healthy and boy does she love her walks. She has been happy with most dogs when...Read more


LIBBY - ADORABLE, LOVING SWEET SALUKILibby came into our care from the stray kennels. She is very affectionate, adores a fuss and is now finding her feet with a large smile and lots of tail wags. She has a skip in her step these days and it would appear she is now starting to believe she is as beautiful as we keep telling her she is. On initial arrival Libby was a little bewildered...Read more


OLIVE - SMALL LITTLE PUDDING STAFFY LADY - ON TRIALMEET OLIVE. ADORABLE, LOVING WHITE STAFFY GIRL. OLIVE IS NOW RESERVED Olive is one very sweet and loving Staffy and sadly has had many puppies in the past. She is gorgeous. This little lady will be spayed and all her motherhood days will be well and truly behind her. Life will all be about Olive from now on. She adores cuddles and tummy tickles...Read more


BAILEY - LOVELY TERRIER XBailey is a sweet boy that has arrived from the stray kennels. More information to follow soon once he’s had time to settle in.Read more


TOBY - CUTE TERRIER XToby is a lovely friendly boy that has arrived from the stray kennels, he loves human company and having a good fuss. More information to follow soon.Read more


ROXY - SWEET CROSSBREEDRoxy is a lovely Rotty x that has sadly found herself needing a new home because her owner no longer had the time for her. She is a friendly girl that appears to be fine with other dogs and children. Currently under assessment more information to follow soon.Read more


SAFFI - PRETTY FRIENDLY STAFFYSaffi is a gorgeous girl that has arrived from the stray kennels. She’s a friendly girl, has lived with another dog and is good with children. Saffi doesn’t like cats. More information to follow soonRead more


BRUCE - HANDSOME FRIENDLY STAFFYThis handsome boy is Bruce! He arrived as a stray therefore we don’t know any of his history. Bruce is a friendly, excitable, strong bouncy boy that loves human company. He will need an active home and with children over 5 years old if any. He has been fine with other dogs here in our care and he loves a game of ball!Read more

11503 Bouncy Staffy cross male "Joey"

**Awaiting Pictures** Joey is a very friendly Staffy cross male who certainly lives up to his name - he is a bouncy kangaroo!! He is medium in size, brindle in colour. Approx 2years old. He has shown no issues in kennels but will need plenty of exercise and further training. He has no shown any aggression towards other dogs whilst been in...Read more


11490 Cute Staffy/Bulldog female "Reggie"

**Awaiting Pictures** Reggie is a female, brindle and white, Staffy cross Bulldog female who is approx 3yrs old. Reggie came to the kennels with a large scar down the side of her body and various scabs. The vets believes it was a skin condition and she has received treatment for this, her skin has improved quite a bit. It also looks like a...Read more


11491 Friendly GSD female "Tia"

11491 Friendly GSD female "Tia"

Tia is a lovely, friendly, chatty GSD female. She is medium in size, sable in colour. She is approx 4years old. Tia came to the kennels with a slight skin condition suspected to be mange. She has received some treatment but this may or may not require further treatment once in a new home. She has shown no aggression whilst been in kennels and...Read more


11488 Cheeky friendly Staffy male "Patchy"

11488 Cheeky friendly Staffy male "Patchy"

Patchy is a medium sized, stocky male Staffy. He is white and tan in colour. He is approx 5yrs old. Unfortunately Patchy will need a special home due to having Cherry Eye in both of his eyes - this will need vet attention, an operation will be needed to correct this and it can be costly, please take this into consideration. He has shown no...Read more


11486 Friendly Akita male "Echo"

11486 Friendly Akita male "Echo"

Echo is a friendly, appears to be quite well behaved, Akita male who is sable and white in colour, approx 4years old. He is medium/large in size. Echo has shown no aggression in kennels towards people or other dogs. He will benefit from a home with Akita breed experience. He is extremely clean in his indoor and outdoor kennel which may...Read more


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