ANGEL - VERY LOVING STAFFY - SPECIAL APPEALANGEL - TAN BRINDLE AND WHITE STAFFY LADY Angel is a very loving active Staffy of 8 years old. She came into care with another female Stafford over 5 months ago. Sadly Angel was due to be put to sleep at a local vets as her owner could no longer care for the dogs. Both dogs were and are very loving and friendly. Despite being a friendly happy...Read more

11556 Giddy friendly Akita male "Buster"

11556 Giddy friendly Akita male "Buster"

Buster is a very giddy and friendly Akita male who is a lovely brindle in colour. He is large in size. Buster has been known not to be good around other dogs. He may need to be muzzled when out on walks. He knows some basic commands and he tries to stay clean inside. He will be best suited to a home with Akita and large breed experience. He...Read more



BIG BERNARD - HAPPY MASTIFF NEEDS A HOMEBERNARD - ADORABLE MASTIFF. HAPPY AND FRIENDLY Bernard came into Good Life care from the stray kennels where he was a huge fave with everyone. We love him. He is a large Brindle beauty Mastiff who will be extremely happy and in heaven with a loving home and lots of 5 star luxuries and comforts. Bernard walks lovely and is a happy and loving...Read more


JASPER - GORGEOUS YOUNG STAFFY - RESERVEDMEET JASPER. A LUCKY STAFFY BOY LOOKING FOR SERIOUS TLC This very beautiful Tan Stafford has come into our care as an urgent appeal. He has spent a third of his young life in the stray kennels. At approx one year old he has spent months in solitary confinement which has slowly stressed this young man out. He has struggled with isolation and...Read more


MASON. SPECIAL APPEAL FOR A SPECIAL SENIORSPECIAL APPEAL FOR MASON. We would love to say Mason is happily snoozing on someone's sofa right now but sadly that's not the case. He is still waiting with us at Good Life and still searching for a place called home. Longing for plenty of love and cuddles and a new best friend. Mason is 11 years old and is no trouble at all. Abandoned at stray...Read more


JARVIS - 6 MONTH OLD GORGEOUS STAFFY PUPPYJARVIS - VERY LOVING AND FRIENDLY 6 MONTH OLD STAFFORD Jarvis is new into Good Life care. He is a typical, adorable friendly puppy of 6 months. Jarvis has been passed from pillar to post and has already had two homes through no fault of his own. He loves people, is very affectionate and gets on brilliant with other dogs. He is energetic, adores...Read more


MAISIE - GORGEOUS FRIENDLY LITTLE STAFFYMEET MAISIE. Maisie is a very loving and friendly little Staffy girl. She is approx 3-4 years old and loves being in the limelight. She came into our care from a Yorkshire stray kennel as an unclaimed stray dog. She adores cuddles and loves belly rubs. Maisie is extremely affectionate with everyone and walks lovely on her lead. She has mixed...Read more

Fabulous Flo!

Fabulous Flo!Fabulous Flo is a stunning Lurchery girl who came to us as an unclaimed stray. This beautiful girl (inside and out!) is loving, lively and ready to find herself the perfect new family to start some new adventures with. She is the perfect mix of bubbly and relaxed, being ever-ready to explore, walk, play, but just as content to settle on a...Read more

CHARLIE CHUCKLES - Handsome Red Staffy

CHARLIE CHUCKLES - Handsome Red StaffyHERE'S CHARLIE CHUCKLES. Charlie Chuckles came into our care from the stray kennels. He is a small Red handsome fella that's cheeky and confident. He loves a fuss and being your number one. He is full of fun and 6 years old. Charlie loves his walks and attention and knows all his basic commands. It appears he has had a broken tail at some point...Read more


MAX - SENSITIVE SOUL Meet Max, this gorgeous sensitive boy has sadly been returned to us, as things did not work out in his new home. He is a little shy at first but his fun side is starting to come out and he is playing with his toys and starting express that cheeky character we all love! Max loves to run and play in the fields here at Rain – happily fetching his...Read more


BRUCE - LOVING, OBEDIENT, PLAYFUL & LOYALSPECIAL APPEAL FOR BRUCE - VERY FRIENDLY CROSS BREED Here at Good Life we are a firm believer that there is someone for everyone in this world. Bruce is still waiting for his forever love. This gorgeous loving cross breed has so much to offer his adopter. He is affectionate, loyal, obedient and eager to please. He loves to play and bonds very...Read more


BISHOP - YOUNG BOUNCY BOYBishop is a super smiley Staffie boy that came to us from the pound as an unclaimed stray, and we just can’t understand why anyone would not want him! He is a happy, smiling Staffordshire boy who loves to play, and loves to love! Bishop loves toys- especially his Kong toys and Tennis Balls, and will happily keep bringing them you back to throw...Read more

11568 Older Staffy female needs loving home

11568 Older Staffy female needs loving home

This lovely female Staffy has been very sweet and friendly in kennels. However she doesn't appear to like being around other dogs so she will need a pet free home. She is brindle in colour, approx 8+years old. Small/medium in size. She is very affectionate and loves cuddles. **Read more



ORLA - BIG DAFT LASS - AMBMeet Orla- this bubbly young American Bulldog girl came to us as an unclaimed stray out of the pound. She arrived here very scared and shy, but with time, patience and some tasty treats has been growing in confidence day by day. We think Orla may be deaf (or have very partial hearing), so will need an owner willing to help her to learn hand...Read more

11569 Friendly Akita cross female "Kilo"

11569 Friendly Akita cross female "Kilo"

Kilo is a very bouncy and friendly, Akita cross female. She is medium in size, grey/sable in colour. She is approx 3yrs old. Kilo will benefit from being with an active family. She tries to stay clean in her indoor kennel. The kennels have been told she is good with children and other dogs. She is also housetrained. She will however chase...Read more



MAXIE - SWEET SHY BOYMaxie is a real sweetheart, he can be a little shy at first when meeting new people but it only takes him a minute or so and a handful of treats to win him over. Once he knows you aren’t going to hurt him he’s your best friend. Maxie is happiest in the company of people and loves to sit on your knee and have a cuddle. This boy is really...Read more

11570 Gorgeous friendly white Staffy male

11570 Gorgeous friendly white Staffy male

This lovely Staffy male has been very sweet and friendly in kennels. He has shown no issues towards other dogs in kennels. He is already neutered. He is very affectionate and he loves toys. The kennels have been told he is not good with cats. He tries to stay clean in his indoor kennel and he appears to know some  basic commands. Read more



WONDERFUL WINNIE - SENIOR WHIPPET GIRLMeet Whinnie the Whippet girly, what a sweetheart. Shy at first but a real darling this girl is. She might have some years behind her but this doesn’t stop her enjoying a good trot around the paddock here. Anyone looking for a loyal companion dog might have just found the right dog for them. Sadly Winnie cannot live with cats but she is good...Read more

11549 Beautiful friendly ABD female

11549 Beautiful friendly ABD female

This lovely friendly ABD has been very happy and giddy in kennels. She is white in colour, she has blue and brown coloured eyes. She is a bouncy girl, medium in size but quite stocky. It is unknown how she will be with other dogs out of the kennel environment. She doesnt appear to like them when she in on the lead so will need a pet free...Read more



JON ''JONNIE'' SNOW - FURRY COATED AKITAAptly named because of his big fluffy coat Jon is a lovely looking Akita boy in need of a new home. Jon arrived with us a stray so we unfortunately we have no history for him but from what we’ve seen he’s a fabulous natured boy and a credit to his breed, he’s also true to breed and has an independent personality – Akita lovers will know...Read more
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