Hugo, Jack Russell

Hugo, Jack Russell
At a Glance...
Rescue Centre / Kennel: West Yorkshire Dog Rescue
Reference: N/A
Age: Under a year
Gender: Male
Size: Small
Neutered: No
Good With Other Dogs: Yes
Good With Children: Yes
Good With Cats: No
More About Me...
Hugo PLEASE READ ADVERT CAREFULLY BEFORE APPLYING If you are looking for a dog with a huge character who makes you laugh so much you cry then look no further !! This boy is full of mischief, full of fun, just a bundle of joy. He is cheeky, self opinionated, and will try to get away with anything. His bad behaviour will drive you to despair then he will give you a cheeky grin and you forgive him. He will tug at your heart every day, cuddle up to you in bed to keep you warm at night and give you so much love, fulfillment and loyalty your life will never be the same again !!! This is a 5 star, cracking little dog, you won't get one like this again. This 2 years old terrier named Hugo is a very lively, active intelligent terrier who needs to live with another big playful dog as he suffers from anxiety when left alone. HUGO IS A VERY AFFECTIONATE AND LOVING DOG. Unfortunately Hugo has come from a home where he lived from a puppy with another dog who was dog aggressive so this has affected Hugo as he learned aggression from that dog. So he sometimes barks at dogs on a lead and is sometimes anxious when meeting new dogs he doesn't know and may snap at them. Once he knows a dog he is fine with it. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT CAN EASILY BE MANAGED AND TRAINED OUT IF THE OWNER IS AN EXPERIENCED DOG HANDLER IT IS NOT A BIG PROBLEM. The foster also has Alfie P and the two dogs play together lovely. They also lie close together on the rug in front of the fire, as you can see from the photos. This is valuable to help Hugo learn to get on better with other dogs and also playing burns off lots of energy which Hugo needs. Hugo can be a handful so needs a confident, experienced dog handler as he has never had any training. He needs time, patience and loads of exercise. Hugo is a super, kind, affectionate dog who needs a family to give him commitment and a loving forever home. Teenage children would be fine but no younger children as he is not used to them and he is very boisterous. He is housetrained and well mannered in the house, but he still chews so will need a lot of rawhide and toys to play with. Hugo pulls on the lead but is gradually learning to heel, his off lead recall needs improving. Due to his high energy and playful nature we have decided he must be rehomed with another playful kind dog. Competent, knowledgeable and confident dog handlers needed please. This dog must live in the home not outside in a kennel. ANOTHER BIG DOG FOR COMPANY NO YOUNG KIDS NO CATS EXPERIENCED DOG HANDLERS LOTS OF EXERCISE AND ATTENTION NOT WHERE BOTH OWNERS WORK FULL TIME OBTAIN FULL FAMILY AGREEMENT TO CONSIDERING ADOPTING THIS DOG BEFORE YOU APPLY if you can't give this dog what he needs please don't apply. Please do not apply unless you have many years of experience with rescue dogs who have issues Neutered, treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated including against kennel cough, microchipped.
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More info coming soon.... in the meantime please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they will be happy to help.


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