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Rescue Centre / Kennel: Hollows Hounds
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REASONS TO ADOPT A SENIOR DOG Please consider a middle aged or senior dog when looking to adopt a friend. Older dogs make loyal and loving companions. Many people automatically think of a puppy when thinking of adopting a dog. Puppies are sweet, warm and cute and everyone wants to cuddle them. However puppies demand time, patience and lots of energy to help them become perfect family members and companions. Older dogs however, can be as wonderful, cute and loveable as any puppy and they often come with many wonderful qualities and life experience that puppies take years to grow into. Many people are reluctant to consider adopting a senior dog as they fear their time with them will be short and the fear of losing their new best friend is much closer than adopting a younger dog. The privilege of adopting and loving a senior dog, makes every single day more special. As you and your new best friend and companion, share love and a special relationship, that love will grow stronger. With the knowledge that you have given this fine older dog a second chance at life your bond will grow. The companionship found with owning a senior very much out weighs the pain of eventual separation. Please consider the older dogs waiting at many Rescues over Yorkshire. Adopting a senior is a wonderful experience for you and your new dog, you will not only save a life, you will gain a faithful companion. Old dogs make great friends! Older dogs bring out the best in older people for sure!!!!! REASONS TO ADOPT A SENIOR DOG. Senior dogs make excellent companions for everyone, especially retired people. Senior dogs are often overlooked in rescues and stray kennels. Often passed over for younger dogs, they often do not have a chance of finding a home. Adopting a senior dog, saves a life! Senior dogs often fit into households with ease. They have learned many of life's lessons. They know toileting is for outside and their home is for relaxing and cuddling. Senior dogs reward your love and care with devotion and loyalty second to none. They are always grateful to their adopter. Senior dogs enjoy a slower pace of life but still enjoy their walks. The marathon days are behind them and they are happy to potter. They love to snooze and love a cuddle and for you to join them in a nap. Senior dogs are quick to learn new tricks and become valuable family members. Older dogs are calmer and less energetic and already have an established temperament and demeanor and are generally much wiser having mountains of life experience. Lastly adopting an older dog can be very rewarding. Please consider older dogs have probably lived through abandonment by a less caring person or have ended up homeless through the death of a previous owner. Old age is definitely no reason to be left lonely and homeless for any dog. Older dogs appreciate any love shown to them and make loyal and very grateful companions. If you would love to consider an older dog for adoption please contact 07843 151819 for a list of seniors looking for forever loving homes.
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Hollows Hounds, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Hollows hounds is a small rescue dedicated to helping dogs from the stray kennels. We have many abandoned dogs in our care who are now looking for a loving forever home.

 Please contact Victoria on 07843 151819 or Andrea on 07949483771.
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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