Holly The Christmas Day Ferret

hollyWe are hoping that the season of goodwill extends to animals in need as well as people..  Below is the rather sad story of a badly injured ferret, she is in foster care at the moment and Rain Rescue have kindly paid for urgently needed vets treatment, her foster career sent me this message.

I have named the little ferret Holly as she was found on Christmas day on some allotments at Handsworth, she was actually found in a chicken coup and has some pretty bad wounds the vet doesn't think that the chickens did it though, it may possibly be rats.

The vet thinks that Holly is quite old, she has been cared for in the past as her claws are short, but she does have quite bad cataracts and so far as we can see is just about blind.

Rainrescue is footing the bill for Holly's care so we are appealing for help for Rain to fund her vet care, we have high hopes that Holly can recover and she will spend the rest of her time in foster care here unless her owner can be found...which I think is pretty unlikely.

Please, if you can spare any amount no matter how small please make a donation to Rain Rescue, they are only a small rescue centre and their main focus is dogs and cats but they will step in and help any animal in need if they can - your generosity allows them to continue doing this much needed work.

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