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daphneHi, i'm Daphne (left) and although no-one really knows how or why i found myself in the pound and it was horrible, all those other dogs looking so sad and lonely just hoping and waiting for someone to collect them.  I was there for a couple of weeks before Rain Rescue kindly squeezed me in, two weeks felt like an eternity but i know i was one of the lucky ones as some spend much longer there and i've been told that a few unfortunate souls never leave....

Rain Rescue looked after me, took me out for walks and taught me some manners, you see i'm only a youngster and got a bit carried away at times.  My story has a happy ending though as after a little while a couple came and fostered me for a week but secretly i think it was love at first sight as 6 months later I'm still here!  I'm now in my forever home getting lots of loves, fuss and cuddles and for the first time in my life feel happy and wanted.  It does still make me sad though when i look back and think about my time at the pound and realise that not all of them are going to be as lucky as me so please look at my fellow poundies and rescue dogs - they are all thinking "i need a home" and they deserve one too.

Loves and sloppy kisses
Daphne xxxx


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